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The Nigerian Government under statutory law requires all Nigerian Citizens, domiciled domestically or internationally to enrol for a NIN by providing the Government (NIMC) with personal ID data.
At the appointment made through you will be asked to provide a e-sample of your signature, a portrait photo, and have your finger prints scanned.
Once NIMC has received your ID Data via a secure VPN, NIMC will provide a NIN directly to you via email.
Yes, you will need to bring a proof of identity photo ID appropriate to the state or country you currently reside such as a state issued drivers licence or if a dual citizen a passport issued by the country where you reside or a Nigerian passport.
Allow 15 minutes per person for your enrolment to complete all three ID collection and biometric procedures.
Yes, when you make an appointment online you will need to pay for the service at the same time.
  • Premium Service Adult NIN Enrolment:                           $99
  • Premium Service Child NIN Enrolment:                           $75
  • Standard Service Adult NIN Enrolment:                           $75
  • Standard Service Child NIN Enrolment:                           $60
  • Standard Service Adult NIN Enrolment Modification:    $75
  • Standard Service Child NIN Enrolment Modification:    $60
All prices are in Australian dollars and the premium option is out of location service.
You can book an appointment in advance or change the appointment without cost up to 14 days before attending.
You will need to re book your appointment time using
Please use Contact Us form on this website or email
To make an appointment for a child (less than 16yrs), the child's parent /guardian will need to have completed pre-enrollment and set up their own ninbooking account first.
Every person making an appointment will need to pre-enroll and pay for their appointment separately.
You need a ninbooking account to make an appointment. When you complete your pre enrollment form you are setting up a ninbooking account and will be emailed your username and password details.

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